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Accounting Video


(Richland College logo appears, followed by a graphic that reads, "Meet Ezra Calado -- UTD Terry Transfer Scholar")

My name is Ezra Calado, and I've been studying accounting for the past two years here at Richland, and I initially decided to take classes at Richland, because it was convenient and the flexibility of the class schedule -- which was really important for me -- because I had a two-month-old at home.

Attending Richland has actually been probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. My first Honors course, I was able to find a subject that I liked and it actually became my major, which was accounting.

I was really relieved, because prior to this, I kind of made the decision to go to UTD, without even knowing if I had received a Terry scholarship or not, so I will be majoring in Accounting and Global Business, and minoring an International Political Economy at UTD in the fall, and I think UTD has a lot of space for my personality.

I plan to get -- to become a certified public accountant with a five-year program at UTD. So I am an APISF, which stands for Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, Anapisi Scholar, and so receiving that scholarship actually was a big wake up to my identity as an Asian-American.

The environment here at Richland is really different. There's no discrimination when it comes to the type of opportunities, that you, yourself, want to have.

I got to meet and work with a group of people who actually became my best friends, and so they helped me grow like as an individual, as a student, as a leader. I was the Executive Vice President of the Honors Student Organization and I got to see first-hand, how student programs impact a community college experience.

So I'm really grateful for all the opportunities that I've had here at Richland, and because I chose Richland, I now have plenty of other choices, like choosing the Terry Transfer Scholarship, and I think being a student here at Richland was a really exploratory time that saved me from being a teenage mother statistic.

(Ambient music plays out.)