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Richland College Food Bank

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It’s hard to go to class and study when you’re hungry. According to the Wisconsin Hope Survey on any given day 40% of our students stated, "The food that I bought just didn't last and I did not have enough money to get more." Another 49% stated that "I couldn't afford to eat balanced meals." This is more than just a survey. Employees have known students who have no electricity at home and haven't eaten all day. Starting a food pantry is the first step towards helping the hungry.

There are over 18,000 registered students at Richland College. On any given day, 400 of every 1,000 students do not have enough to eat. It is a sacrifice for some to pay for housing, books, gas, electricity, daycare, and medication.

How Can I Help?

By contributing a minimum of $5 you can make a difference. Go to the Richland College food pantry to make a donation. This small action will make a vast difference in the lives of students, families and communities. Students who remain in college through graduation become positive contributors to society.

Food Bank

Coming soon! Richland College is working to set-up a Food Pantry on-campus. If you’d like to help, please connect with the Office of Student Life.


Office of Student Life:
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