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Sustainability Best Practices

Energy Efficiency

Projects/Action Items
Participating Colleges
Use daylighting whenever possible (consider adding skylights or solar tubes as neededBC, CVC, EFC, MVC, RLC
Install occupancy sensorsBC, CVC, ECC, EFC, MVC, RLC
Upgrade from T-8 to LED lightingBC, CVC, ECC, EFC, MVC, RLC
Follow IES recommendations for foot-candlesCVC, EFC
Upgrade lighting panel board to improve load schedulingin progress at all colleges
Use dimmable electronic ballasts where appropriateBC, CVC, ECC, EFC, RLC
Offer bi-level switching in all spaces (two levels of lighting in addition to off)BC, CVC, EFC
Use these temperature set points: 72 for heat; 75 for coolingBC, ECC, EFC, RLC
Consider installing ceiling fans in open spaces such as auditoriums, student centers, gyms and libraries
Cover HVAC units with awnings     
Power down labs/admin computers at nightCVC, EFC, MVC
Sub-meter all buildingsCVC, ECC, EFC, MVC, RLC
Complete monthly sustainability reportsall colleges
Consider district purchase of energy management softwareCVC, in progress at other colleges
Use "Smart Strips" that manage plug load with softwareBC, EFC, RLC
Consider implementing a college policy to restrict electrical appliances such as space heaters, personal refrigerators and halogen lamps.CVC, EFC, in progress at other colleges
Reinvest energy savingsEFC, RLC
Create an energy saving room utilization schedule for weekends.CVC, ECC, EFC, RLC
Offer recycling stations along with every waste containerBC, CVC (in progress), ECC (in progress), 
Offer compostingMVC, EFC, RLC
Participate in Recyclemania each yearBC, CVC, EFC, MVC, RLC

Water Conservation

Projects/Action Items
Participating Colleges
Retrofit restrooms with water-conserving dual flush toilet handles or high-efficiency toilets, and high efficiency urinals, faucets and showerheads.BC, CVC, ECC, EFC, NLC, RLC
Resolve all plumbing leaks promptly; use quality, brand name partsBC, ECC, EFC, MVC, NLC, RLC
Use native/drought-tolerant plants in landscapesall colleges
Audit and optimize irrigation systemsall colleges
Water in the a.m. and only when neededBC, CVC, ECC, EFC, MVC, RLC
Adjust sprinklers to avoid wasteBC, CVC (in progress), ECC, EFC,
Test spray head patterns; check for clogsBC, CVC, ECC, EFC, MVC, RLC
Use drip irrigation for bedsBC, CVC, EFC, MVC, RLC
Set lawnmower blades higherCVC, ECC, EFC
Mulch around shrubs/plantersall colleges
Use hose with automatic shutoff nozzleCVC, ECC, EFC, RLC
Use a broom vs. hose or blowers to cleanCVC, EFC
Install rain shutoff devicesBC, CVC, MVC, NLC, RLC
Consider adding rainwater collections pondsCVC, EFC, RLC
Consider adding cisternsCVC (in progress), EFC, RLC
Audit and optimize cooling tower performanceCVC, ECC (replacement in design), 
Monitor water consumptionBC, CVC, ECC, EFC, MVC, RLC


Projects/Action Items
Participating Colleges
Install roof insulation; should be Energy Star ratedCVC, EFC, RLC
Install reflective roofsMVC, ECC, RLC
Do an annual inspection of roofBC, ECC, EFC, MVC, NLC, RLC
Have cleaning crews work during the day (early morning or end of the day) 
Conduct equipment audit and create replacement scheduleBC, CVC, ECC, EFC, MVC, RLC
Calibrate sensors/thermostats every two monthsEFC
Replace sensors every two yearsRLC
Optimize heating/cooling system control programsall colleges
Operate AHUs in Economizer Modeall colleges
Consider installing automatic controls to turn off HVAC and other systems when a room is unusedall colleges
Implement control strategies to optimize the supply-air temperatures and reduce heat. This stops heating and cooling systems from working against each other.CVC, EFC 
Use zero or low VOC paintBC, CVC, ECC, EFC, MVC, RLC
Purchase only Energy Star equipmentBC, CVC, ECC, EFC, MVC, RLC
Education and Awareness
Post conservation/recycling signage EFC, MVC, RLC
Purchase water fountains with bottle-fillersBC, CVC (in progress), ECC (in progress), EFC, MVC, NLC, RLC
Participate in Cease the GreaseBC, CVC, EFC, MVC, NLC, RLC
Evaluate the impact of phone/computer chargingEFC, NLC
Encourage students and employees to turn off computers and lights when not in use.all colleges