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Step 2: Ready, Set, GO!

Starting Informed

As your race begins, you will be running on a "Guided Pathway," a virtual roadmap designed to get you from start to finish efficiently by helping you focus your time and financial resources on coursework that will get you to the finish line while avoiding those that won't. Your Guided Pathway depends upon the Meta Major you select. A Meta Major is a set of interrelated programs of study, an exploratory major, organized by career clusters. The academic advisor you will work with depends upon the Meta Major in which you will be studying.

Advising - The mission of Richland College Academic Advising is to foster successful learning experiences. Your advisor can help you develop pathways for lifelong learning. Here is how to connect with your advisor:

See an academic advisor to submit an Official Degree Plan Request. Submitting an official Degree Plan Request informs the Degree Audit Team about your academic intentions so they can help.