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About Us

What is the FINISH THE RACE campaign?

This campaign was created by Richland College’s Degree Audit Team in alignment with Texas Completes initiative to provide resources to help you:

  • Complete your degree(s) and/or certificate(s)
  • Seamlessly transfer to a university
  • Enter the workforce with better opportunities
As you race toward your finish line, take advantage of these pages to find resources that will help you stay on track and keep moving forward!

What does FINISH THE RACE mean for you?

Why should you FINISH THE RACE?

Ask yourself this question: “Why did I begin my studies in higher education?”
Students pursue higher education for a variety of reasons. Maybe you made a promise to a loved one or a friend that you would do it. Maybe you want or need to experience that achievement for yourself. Maybe you want a better car…better home…better life…better whatever…and you know education is the key to getting what you want. Maybe you are looking for “higher education that actually gets you hired!” The reason you started is the reason you should finish!

How can you FINISH THE RACE?

Your Degree Audit Team has mapped it all out for you, providing resources along the way:

  • On Your Marks will give you all the help you need to get prepared to start.
  • Ready, Set, GO! will help you to clearly see your track and to connect with your coaches.
  • Take the Lead will give you an awareness of ways you can get more involved along the way.
  • Staying on Track will provide you with resources to overcome hurdles and barriers.
  • Finishing the Race will help you prepare for what comes next once the victory is won!

Along with your Academic Advisor, your Degree Audit Team will work with you as your coaches along the way. They are responsible for processing degree plans, evaluating college transcripts, reviewing graduation applications, organizing graduation and many other duties related to your successful completion. They will be cheering you on to the finish line.