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Green Teams

Richland Green Teams consists of students, faculty, staff, and community who voluntarily come together to fulfill the mission of the District and college in promoting sustainability awareness, identify sustainability initiatives and implement solutions to help our campus be energy efficient with our resources and environmentally sustainable.

The Green Teams’ objective is to help make a difference in our students’ lives by introducing them to the important concepts of sustainability and stewardship of our environment. Collaborating with faculty, staff, senior leadership, and community partners enables the sustainability program to transform our campus into a sustainable living laboratory through educational and grant resources for paid internships and field experiences for students.

Green Teams’ Mission Statement

Student Green Team Mission Statement
The Richland College Student Green Team (SGT) mission is to promote sustainability awareness encouraging environmentally conscious behavior in raising awareness about ecological issues, engaging in environmental, recycling and conservation energy activities to build a more sustainable local and world community for a greener tomorrow.

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Faculty Green Team Mission Statement
The Richland College Faculty Green Team’s mission in conjunction with facilities is to meet the college’s vision and the DCCCD Sustainability Mission to incorporate sustainability into their curriculum utilizing the campus resources to create outdoor classroom lab assignments for students. These assignments will provide

Energy Sustainability Team Mission Statement
The Richland College Energy Sustainability Team’s mission is to educate, assist in the development of cost-effective projects and recommend alternative methods to reduce energy usage, conserve resources, reduce emissions and promote awareness of new technologies and their effectiveness on energy use and resource conservation.

Green Committee Mission Statement
The Richland College Green Committee’s mission in promoting sustainability awareness is to achieve a more daily sustainable behavior practice by facilitating best sustainability practices and promoting stewardship of natural resources. This will be accomplished by creating projects, engaging our campus community in activities and Green Professional Development training to be more sustainable.