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Facilities Sustainability



  • Campus Visitations to establish sustainable partnerships:  Texas Park and Wildlife Career (Government Pathway Internships), Texas Parks and Wildlife Herpetologist for UTA (Assess Turtle population), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Land (Restore Duck Habitat and Cost Share Program for Monarch Butterfly Waystation) and Urban Fishery (Assess Fish population for future restocking) Divisions, City of Dallas Zero Waste Management (Assess Recycling efforts for Business Green Certification, Texas A&M Commerce Office of Sustainability Recycling Tour (to improve their institution’s Recycling Program), Texas A&M Commerce Forest Service (identify ash borer trees for future emergency preparations and damaged trees), World Wear Clothing Recycling and Recycle-A-Textbook student fundraisers
  • Facilities Agreement Between Texas Trees Foundation and DCCCD Contract Renewal completed August 2017
  • Tree Campus USA Application completed December 2016 to receive designation from Arbor Day Foundation on March 2017
  • Student Green Team Fundraiser Partnerships:  Office of Student Life, World Wear Clothing Recycling and Recycle-A-Textbook assisting struggling global businesses

Campus Living Labs

The Richland College campus provides an excellent outdoor learning environment, or living lab, that all faculty-led courses can take advantage of to implement sustainability into their curriculum. Faculty develops activities to incorporate sustainability into their curriculum, in collaboration with the Facilities Sustainability Coordinator, to work towards providing Green Scholar's opportunities, community improvement projects, and sustainability education. Courses that already include the campus living lab component into the curriculum include Astronomy, Physics, Biology, Environmental Science and Geology. Current examples of living labs include water quality testing and analyses of Thunder Duck Lake, soil sampling and analyses of the campus gardens, campus project planning initiatives, celestial viewing events, Recyclemania, lake clean-up initiatives, Arbor Day, Earth Day events and more! Future projects include a Monarch Butterfly Way-station and an outdoor classroom with a rain harvesting demonstration. Faculty interested in participating should contact the Sustainability Director, Sonia Ford, at SoniaFord@dcccd.edu.

  • Sustainability Outdoor Classroom Proposal
  • Curriculums incorporating the Facilities Sustainability Campus as a Living Lab are as follows: • Astronomy and Physics, Biology, Environmental Science, Geology through Recyclemania, Fall/Spring Recycle Roundup, Fall/Spring Lake Clean Up, Arbor Day, Earth Day and World Wear Clothing Recycling, Institute for Global Citizenships, Wildlife Preservation Campaign Events each semester.
  • Monarch Butterfly Waystation Lab Feasibility Assessment of possible locations throughout the campus to plant milkweeds
  • Environmental Lab Testing of the health condition of ThunderDuck Lake
  • Soil Testing of outdoor classroom location

Quantification of Sustainability

  • Sustainability Tracking, Assessment Rating System (STARS)
  • President Climate Neutrality, Greenhouse Gas Inventory, and the ACUPCC
  • Tree Campus USA Recertification
  • City of Dallas Green Business Recertification
  • Richland Data Reporting: Energy KPIs, Transportation Carbon Footprint, Continuing ED, Professional Development and New Student Orientation


  • Government Entities:  Texas Parks and Wildlife (Restore Duck Habitat and Monarch Waystation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife
  • Non-Profit Agencies:  Texas Trees Foundation, Texas A&M Commerce Forest Service
  • State Agencies:  City of Dallas Zero Waste Management
  • Higher Education:  Texas A&M Commerce Office of Sustainability, and University of Texas Dallas Office of Sustainability
  • Community Agencies:  World Wear Clothing Recycling, and Recycling-A-Textbook, First Class Workforce Solutions


  • Texas Trees Foundation – 1 paid student internship
  • Texas A&M Commerce Office of Sustainability – 1 transfer student part-time job
  • First Class Workforce Solutions – 5 temporary part-time jobs

2016-2017 Awards

  • 2017 City of Dallas Zero Waste Management Green Business Gold Level Certification – 1st college in the DFW Metroplex to receive the award
  • 2016 Tree Campus USA Certification
  • 2016 Recyclemania Grand Champions

Five Year Plan

  • Increase partnerships and internships 3-4 per year within the next 5 years
  • Completion of Duck Habitat, Monarch Waystation, Fish Habitation, Outdoor Classroom with Administration approval
  • Apply for Grants to maintain Sustainability Program
  • Provide tools, knowledge, and motivation to adopt behavior changes through professional development sustainability activities and opportunities.