Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
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Core Competencies

Richland College's Core Competencies are our areas of greatest expertise. Core Com­petencies are strategically important capabilities in our educational market, providing a sustainable advantage for our organization.

Richland College's Core Competencies are:

Agility – Our capacity for making rapid, timely, meaningful change to improve educational programs and services, processes, and operations

  • We respond to challenges, placing students' needs first.
  • We proactively deploy responsive listening and learning approaches to anticipate and meet our students' needs.
  • We nurture strong relationships in the community to anticipate and meet community and business needs.

Innovation –Our organizational culture nurtures and embraces new approaches and enhanced learning, creating value for students and key community stakeholders

  • We promote instructional discipline and departmental collaboration in imple­menting innovative practices to empower student success.
  • We support the innovation process with funding and with professional develop­ment opportunities.
  • We compare and align with best practices inside and outside the higher education sector exemplifying our desire to be a role-model institution.

Shared core values – Our expectation for how we conduct ourselves individually and collectively each day, empowering student, employee, and community success

  • We use our shared core values as a guide in the recruitment and selection of new talent.
  • We reinforce organizational values daily in our work and college communica­tions.

Disciplined strategic performance improvement – Our ability to tangibly advance the college vision "to be the best place we can be to learn, teach, and build sustainable local and world community"

  • We strive to improve, not to prove.
  • We hold ourselves accountable through systematic review of our performance to target.
  • We leverage the discipline of Approach-Deploy-Learn-Integrate.

Employee engagement and development – We strategically empower employee success.

  • We ensure continued mastery of job skills through multiple opportunities for meeting annual professional development requirements.
  • We reinforce the college and system network mission and vision through mindful engagement in college initiatives and through funding of professional development opportunities.
  • We empower employees to demonstrate their individual roles in the college mission and vision through inclusion of line of sight on annual performance evaluation.

Inclusive, multicultural, global environment – We strategically expand our perspective to deepen mutual understanding and to ensure that the organization considers and balances the needs of all stakeholders.

  • We ensure that our faculty, staff, and administrators represent a diverse population reflective of the multiple dimensions of diversity.
  • We value and benefit from the diverse ideas, cultures, and thinking of our students and workforce by including different perspectives in decision-making.
  • Our faculty ensure that, as appropriate, textbooks and curricula are reflective of our diverse student body.
  • We celebrate diversity and inclusiveness through regular and intentional programs and activities.