We are currently accepting applications for spring enrollment (Class of 2020). Deadline for submitting and completing an application is Friday, December 21st, 2018. Students must be currently in 11th grade and have a minimum of 15 credits towards their high school diploma by the end of the 2018 fall semester. Any applications that are missing required documentation will not be processed. Please bring all required documents in person to the Richland Collegiate High School office located in Crockett Hall, room 165.
Applications for Class of 2021 will be accepted starting February 4th, 2019. Our deadline will be July 31st, 2019.

Step 1: Information Session

We encourage you to attend an Information Session. These sessions are designed to give parents and students an in-depth look at RCHS, the admissions process, rigors of the curriculum, and our learning environment.
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Step 2: Submit Application

Enrollment is a multi-step process and will take some time to complete. Please make arrangements that allow you time to complete each step when enrolling your student.
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  • Each student is required to submit an Application for Admission online through the Richland College website.
  • Additionally, each student is required to submit a paper application (PDF) and required documents in person to the Richland Collegiate high school office located in Crockett Hall Room C-165.

Step 3: TSI Assessment

TSI Assessment is a state-legislated program designed to improve student success in college. Part of the program is an assessment to determine your basic skills in reading, mathematics, and writing.

If students have completed any sections of TSI previously, please inform the RCHS enrollment staff for further instructions.

  • Pre-Assessment Activity
    You will be required to complete a pre-assessment activity before taking the actual assessment test. During the pre-assessment activity, you will view sample test questions and will also have the opportunity to take a practice test before completing the official TSI test.
  • Taking TSI Assessment
    Students who have submitted an application and required documents must contact the RCHS enrollment staff in order to know how and when to register to take the TSI Assessment.
    On your test date, you will need:
    • A referral form
    • Your high school student ID or any other photo ID

Step 4: Advising Meeting

All students must attend an Advising Meeting to discuss class schedules, academic, and career plans.

Before you can meet with an academic advisor, students must have submitted an application and completed all sections of the TSI Assessment.
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Step 5: Duck Camp

Duck Camp (Orientation) is required for all incoming students. This will be a great time to learn about the school, receive your student ID card, meet your Senior Mentors, have some fun, and prepare yourself before school begins. All incoming student enrolling during the spring semester are required to attend a full week orientation.

Step 6: Attend First Day of School

All students are required to attend the first day of classes in order to join the RCHS program. If you do not attend the first day of the semester, you will not be able to join RCHS.