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This was the best training I have ever taken. I learned how to read schematics and now have a clear understanding of both hydraulic and pneumatic systems! Great material and great instructor.

—Justin Haas, Unity Manufacturing
Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Basic Measurement Tools
This course will introduce common measuring devices and the proper technique for obtaining accurate measurements in an industrial environment. Devices include steel ruler, protractor, micrometers, center finder, thread pitch gauges, dial indicators and dial calipers.

This course is designed to develop an understanding of hydraulic and pneumatic components, circuits, and principles. With so many similarities between hydraulics and pneumatics, the two industrial classes are taught side by side.

Mechanical Drives and Power Transmissions
Course on commercial mechanical drive systems including belt and chain drive systems, and the use of gearboxes with an emphasis on troubleshooting and maintenance. The course includes reverse dial shaft alignment and vibration analysis.

Mechanical Print Reading
Introductory mechanical print reading course. Covers symbol interpretation and calculations related to commercial mechanical schematic diagrams.