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Customer Service


Richland College has been a true partner in helping us provide an exceptional guest experience to our customers. They took the time to really learn our business and develop targeted training specific to our museum environment.”

—Mike Costello Vice President, Human Resources
Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Fine tune your customer service skills to make each contact with an employee, visitor or guest a positive and rewarding experience. This practical and logic skill-building program is designed to create memorable short and long-term relationships with internal and external customers. The result is a customer that feels good about the transaction and would refer your product or services to others. A special module on coaching is provided to help supervisors model and pass on the methodology and skills. The training is divided into three parts:

  • The Skills
    Learn how to define your customer and better understand their emotional and rational needs. Understand the power of words, sounds, and body language. Examine how a customer views and interprets these types of communication in person or with their ears during a phone call. Learn some tips and tricks for interacting with customers such as conversation grabbers and the use of open and closed questions.
  • The Conversation
    Analyze the parts of a customer service conversation including - the situation; needs clarification; accountability; verification; and closing. Also, learn tools for diffusing situations with angry customers so they feel better understood and the outcome is mutually beneficial.
  • Coaching for Customer Service
    Learn how to coach your co-workers and employees with a focus on customer service. Coaching adds polish to a skilled performance, can help with problem-solving and can enable employees to meet challenges of customer service inside and outside the organization. This class will teach you how to apply customer service training to coaching from the company, people, and leadership perspective. The “coaches” in this training will learn tools to ensure they are speaking the same “language” and setting good examples for co-workers and employees.

***Training can be customized for diverse work environments including retail, service, manufacturing, municipalities, education and tourism venues.