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Business Productivity


This course was both educational and entertaining. It kept your interest and gave useful scenarios for applying content to ‘real-world' situations.

—Jessica Prather Kapstone Container employee
Polishing Your Business Communication Skills

Behavioral Interviewing
Studies have shown that the cost of making a ‘bad hire’ is equivalent to between two and five times the salary of the position. Based on the premise that past behavior is a key indicator of future behavior in similar situations, behavioral interviewing greatly increases the chances of hiring someone with the correct skill set. This interactive class will cover the key aspects of preparing for the interview as well as questioning techniques and how to assess the candidate for job fit.

Business Writing
This course will give many useful tips and techniques for helping ensure your communications are read and acted upon. It covers the basic elements of composition and skill development in composing clear, concise and professionally written communications.

Conflict Management
Destructive conflict can lead to poor communication, lack of collaboration, poor decision-making and the inability to effectively meet business objectives. This course will arm you with the skills you need to decide the best approach to handle conflict, and then the opportunity to practice using the skills. The class includes discussions, exercises, self-assessments and action planning.

Efficient and Effective Meetings
In this course, trainees will learn what to do before, during and after meetings to help them run efficiently and effectively. The class will participate in mock meetings. Upon completion, trainees will be able to prepare an effective meeting agenda, lead a meeting and keep it on track/focused on achieving the meeting’s objectives, and follow-up on activities to ensure action items are completed on time.

Interviewing – How to Conduct One
The most important aspect of any business is earn 22% higher return to shareholders than their industry peers. Many companies rely on outdated and ineffective interviewing and hiring techniques. This critical responsibility sometimes gets the least emphasis. How do you keep from hiring someone whose best skill is coming off well in a job interview? Participants will learn how to prepare, set the candidate at ease, design the interview, ask valuable questions, listen, participate in a Q and A by the candidate, and close and set expectations with the candidate.

Lean Office
A mix of classroom learning and interactive live simulation where trainees assume the roles of managers and workers within a company. Lean definitions and techniques are learned as trainees work, transforming a confused and slow process into an efficient, effective and predictable one.

Polishing Your Business Communication Skills
This course will help you develop effective business communication skills. The course examines how tone affects the reader and jargon interfere with clear communication. In addition, the course discusses writing styles, using rules of e-mail etiquette and corporate communication styles as a basis for assessing and improving writing style.

Presentations: Creating Impact
The number one fear is public speaking. This course is designed to help participants gain a better understanding of how to create impact by enhancing delivery techniques and strategies. The practical and highly interactive approach allows students to walk through the skills and then practice a presentation while being videotaped. The speaker will also have the opportunity to be peer coached allowing all of the participants to learn not only by actually giving a presentation but also through observation.

Project Management Fundamentals
The course covers methods for planning and controlling projects including concepts and models, critical path, analysis of time/cost benefits, and resources utilization.

Stress Management
Stress makes your body produce chemicals that tax your organs and tissues. It can lead to aches and pains and worse. What stresses you? What happens to you when you are stressed? What can you do to reduce or eliminate some of the stress in your life? This interactive class will help answer these questions for you. The main focus of this class will be for you to create a personal action plan, using the information and experiences from this class to better cope with the stress in your life.

Taking Notes and Writing Minutes
This class is the perfect companion class to the Efficient and Effective Meetings class. It focuses on what to record during meetings and how to format meeting minutes so they are easy to use and action items are clearly identified.