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Richland College Administration

  • President
    Dr. Kathryn K. Eggleston, 972-238-6364
  • Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success
    Dr. Shannon Cunningham, 972-238-6383
  • Vice President for Business Services
    Finney Varghese, 972-761-6845
  • Vice President for Business Services
    Ron Clark, 214-890-3850
  • Associate Vice President for Educational Transitions and Enrollment Management/Superintendent Richland Collegiate High School
    Donna Walker, 972-761-6880
  • Associate Vice President for Planning, Research, Effectiveness, and Development
    Fonda Vera, 972-238-6992
  • Associate Vice President for Workforce and Continuing Education
    Rose Galloway, 972-238-6002
  • Instructional Dean, School of Business
    Dwight Riley, 972-238-6726
  • Executive Dean, School of Engineering and Technology
    Martha Hogan , 972-238-6210
  • Instructional Dean, ESOL
    Diana Urrutia, 972-238-6104
  • Executive Dean, School of Humanities, Fine, and Performing Arts
    Diane Hilbert, 972-238-6250
  • Instructional Dean, School of Learning Enrichment and Academic Development
    Thales Georgiou, 972-238-6230
  • Executive Dean, School of Mathematics, Science and Health Professions
    Dr. Ray Canham, 972-238-6248
  • Dean, School of Social Sciences
    Dr. LaQueta Wright, 972-238-6275
  • Executive Dean, School of World Languages, Cultures and Communications
    Susan Barkley, 972-238-6943
  • Executive Dean, Educational Partnerships
    Becky Jones, 972-238-6246
  • Dean, ACCESS Center
    Andrew Tubbs, 972-238-6141
  • Dean, Administrative Technology
    Greg Thomas, 972-238-6930
  • Dean, Educational Resources
    Laura McKinnon, 972-238-6107
  • Dean, Student Support Services
    Janita Patrick, 972-238-6004
  • Dean, Technology Enhanced Learning
    Susan Long, 972-238-6981
  • Dean, Executive Assistant to the President
    Janet James, 972-238-6974
  • Executive Director, Human Resources, Title IX and ADA Administrator
    Dr. Bill Dial, 972-238-6386