Academic Council

The Richland College Academic Council provides instructional leadership to the Richland community by creating policies and managing activities that support the success of students, faculty and staff.

Deans of Academic Schools

  • Executive Dean, World Languages, Cultures and Communications
    Susan Barkley, 972-238-6943
  • Executive Dean, Mathematics, Science and Health Professions
    Ray Canham, 972-238-6249
  • Instructional Dean, Learning Enrichment & Academic Development
    Thales Georgiou, 972-238-6231
  • Executive Dean, Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts
    Diane Hilbert, 972-238-6250
  • Executive Dean, Engineering and Technology
    Martha Hogan, 972-238-6290
  • Instructional Dean, Business
    Dwight Riley, 972-761-6726
  • Executive Dean, World Languages, Cultures & Communications
    Diana Urrutia, 972-238-6104
  • Instructional Dean, Social Sciences
    LaQueta Wright, 972-238-6275