Writing Center

Usage Policies


A student may schedule two appointments per week with the Writing Center. Students must attend their first scheduled appointment before they can schedule their second appointment for the week.

A current Richland ID and a working local phone number are necessary to schedule an appointment.

The student should arrive at least 5 minutes early for his/her appointment and upon arrival, he/she should inform the tutors and begin filling out the Writing Center tutoring form.

If the student is more than 10 minutes late, the appointment will be cancelled and he/she will be considered a no-show.

It is the student's responsibility to cancel/reschedule the appointment. Failure to cancel an appointment may eliminate a studentís eligibility for further tutoring.

To make an appointment (or to reschedule), please call 972-238- 6226 or visit the front desk in The Learning Center (TLC).

Drop-in Tutoring

A student may "drop-in" on a day that he/she does not have a scheduled appointment. A student may have two "drop in" sessions a week and receive up to 30 minutes of one-on-one tutoring in each session. This service operates on a first-come, first-served basis. However, this service is not available on a daily basis. Please call 972-238-6226 or visit the front desk in The Learning Center (TLC) to check for availability.

Online Tutoring Policies

Currently, online tutoring is available only to students who are enrolled in online Developmental Writing and English courses that are taught by Richland College instructors. Students who are enrolled in these courses will be contacted via email by the Writing Center Coordinator. Instructors will post the link to the online Writing Center on eCampus. Students who are enrolled in traditional Developmental Writing and English courses are not eligible for this service.

Attendance Verification Policy

Some instructors require proof of attendance whenever their students visit the Writing Center. To receive attendance verification, a student must bring a clean, typed draft and complete a half hour session with a tutor. When the session is finished, the tutor will stamp, date, and initial studentís draft. No other form of attendance verification will be provided. It is the studentís responsibility to ask the tutor to verify his/her attendance.

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