Exposition, Exhibition & Trade Show Management


The words Exposition, Exhibition & Trade Show are often used to mean the same thing - an event that brings buyers and sellers together. Exposition, Exhibition & Trade Show Managers ensure that an event is a successful by bringing people together for a common purpose to achieve a specific goal. They are organized individuals who are creative, detail-oriented, have the ability to multi-task and have excellent communication skills.

Job Outlook

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), over 12,188 shows are held in the US and Canada annually; two thirds of those show are produced by non-profit associations.


Salary ranges $26,000 - $90,000. According to MeetingsNet, the average salary for a US Planner is $53,171.

Picture Yourself as a...

  • Conference Coordinator
  • Associate Conference Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Sales Administrator
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Associate Operations Coordinator
  • Associate Show Manager
  • Associate Show Director
  • Trade Show Assistant
  • All common titles for entry level positions in Exposition, Exhibition & Trade Show Management

    Below is a list of job titles, sample salaries, reporting ranks and key job objectives. Depending on show size and type of show, many additional positions may be added.
    Travel Exposition, Eshibition and Trade Show Table

    Professional Associations

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