Center For Tutoring & Learning Connections

The Learning Center

Vision Statement

The Learning Center will foster collaboration between campus resources, student activity, and sustainable community.

Mission Statement

Bridging the Path to Student Success

The mission of The Learning Center is to bridge the path to student success by emphasizing the connections between classroom success, community involvement and goal achievement. We provide a friendly, open, and diverse learning community that empowers students and fosters overall success.

Goals Statement

The Learning Center will strive to:

  1. Provide skillful tutoring to students in courses they are taking at Richland College
  2. Promote the spirit of community through campus and civic responsibility
  3. Provide Connections Study Skills Workshops
  4. Promote the use of emerging technologies throughout the learning process
  5. Provide accessible, adaptive resources for diverse learners
  6. Promote faculty collaboration in TLC activities
  7. Provide mentoring and guidance to Richland College students
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