Strategic Planning Priority Goals for Student Learning

Identify and meet community educational needs
We respond to the learning needs of the diverse communities we serve by providing:

  • needs-based programs and curricula
  • student- and customer-based scheduling of classes and services
  • highly competent and compassionate faculty and staff
  • quality service

Empower all students to succeed
We provide a learning climate, including core and specialized curricula with identified learning outcomes, so students can:

  • meet their stated educational goals
  • complete courses successfully
  • gain college-level skills through remediation
  • gain lifelong learning skills
  • collaborate with others
  • function in technological environments
  • lead purposeful, meaningful lives in a diverse world community
  • build sustainable local and world community

Empower all employees to succeed
We provide an organizational culture conducive to high performance, employee engagement, and satisfaction by encouraging employees to:

  • use diversity to enrich student learning and organizational success
  • work in collaboration with others
  • maximize technology for student/employee learning and organizational effectiveness
  • be life-long learners
  • be whole persons

Ensure institutional effectiveness
We continuously improve our systems and processes through:

  • assessment of performance results
  • financial stewardship
  • productivity measures, such as energy efficiency and optimal facilities usage
  • optimal quality-cost balance in educational programs and services
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