Organizational Practices

In the context of our organizational values, we provide the highest quality learning environment by practicing these behaviors:

  • Identifying the learning needs of the communities, students, and employees we serve and using that information to guide our teaching, programs, and services

  • Welcoming new opportunities for learning and professional growth

  • Identifying and using benchmarks and best practices to improve our work as we focus on institutional purpose, vision, mission, and values

  • Holding and communicating high standards for ourselves, our students, and our colleagues

  • Practicing inclusive, learning-centered planning and decision-making, informed by data and our best judgment

  • Recognizing problems, collaborating to seek root causes, and implementing effective solutions

  • Empowering and freeing those closest to the work to make responsible decisions

  • Assuming personal and collective stewardship of college systems, processes, programs, facilities, and resources to keep them vital

  • Celebrating individual and group initiatives and achievement

  • Promoting, both individually and collectively, a positive image of the college and its collegiate high school to all segments of the communities we serve
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