Test Center

English As a Second Language (ESOL) Tests

These tests are administered to students whose primary language is not English and who need assistance in understanding spoken or written English and grammatical structures.

Richland College currently administers the following tests:

  • Compass/ESL - Administered to students who intend to enroll in ESOL credit courses. Sample questions may be found here.
  • Test of English Proficiency Level (TEPL) - Administered to students who intend to enroll in ESOL continuing education courses.

Richland College offers ESOL Tests on the following days:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  10:00 am Compass/ESL;
12:30 pm TEPL;
6:00 pm Compass/ESL;
7:45 pm TEPL
  9:00 am TEPL;
10:00 am Compass/ESL;
12:30 pm TEPL

Test Center requirements for taking ESOL tests:

  • You must submit a DCCCD application for admissions prior to testing.
  • You must meet with an Advisor in the Multicultural Center, in the main foyer of Thunderduck Hall, to obtain an ESOL test referral/schedule.
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to test time for check in. No one is admitted 15 minutes before start time. (Example: Test is at 10:00. You must arrive between 9:30-9:44.)
  • You must bring a photo I.D.
  • You must bring the ESOL test referral/schedule.
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