Reading Corner

Mission - Reading Corner

Decoding is not reading. Reading is thinking. - Chris Tovani, I Read It But I Don't Get It.

At the Reading Corner we will work with students to make them better "thinkers". Reading is a method of communication that ties into all other forms of communication i.e.- reading for learning, writing and rhetoric.

Our tutors WILL work with you to:

  • Establish a purpose for the session. What does the student want to accomplish with their tutoring time?
  • Practice critical reading skills. Tutors may assign practice activities to complete and review during the tutoring session. Including:
    • Main Idea (implied/explicit)
    • Context Clues
    • Inference
    • Author's tone and purpose
    • Supporting details
    • Organizational patterns
    • and more
  • Understand classroom reading assignments.
  • Support Vocabulary development.
  • Provide an opportunity to use academic language.
Our tutors WILL NOT:
  • Complete homework assignments.
  • Guarantee a certain grade on any assignment.

The student is responsible for his/her own learning. If the student requires a textbook in order to review an assignment or practice reading strategies then the student must bring the book. Tutors take the time out of their busy days to come meet with students. Respect the tutor and come prepared.

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