How will ePortfolio be employed?

ePortfolio software is used as the repository for all QEP Common Writing Prompt essays. Each term, QEP faculty in Developing Learning Power classes instruct students to post their common writing prompt essays in ePortfolio. Participating QEP faculty and students may select to post other assignments to the Changing and Learning Community section, including students' personal reflections on their learning. However, the Faculty Assessment Team assesses only the assigned common writing prompt essays. The scored essays are posted in an electronic repository maintained by the QEP Director. The writings that students submit in their ePortfolios will reflect studentsí growth with regard to Changing and Learning over time. Participating QEP faculty, the QEP Director, and the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness will use the common writing prompts, ELLI, grades, and persistence-to-completion results to evaluate the impact of the Dimension of Learning Power - Changing and Learning for students who have experienced the QEP in all four participating discipline courses.

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