Police Department

Use of Tobacco Products

This policy is in effect for all persons on the Richland campus.

  1. Richland College is a smoke- and tobacco-free campus, except as permitted in the “four designated areas.” In addition, the sale of tobacco products on campus is prohibited.
  2. The four designated areas are:  north west corner of Pecos and west side of Wichita, and north east corner of Fannin and south east side of Medina. (Map with designated smoking areas)
  3. Ash tray urns displaying appropriate signs are placed on the inside perimeter of all parking lots, reminding students, staff, and community visitors that Richland is a smoke-free/tobacco-free campus except in the five designated locations.
  4. In compliance with National Junior College Athletic Association and Chamber Classic Soccer Alliance, Inc. policies and regulations, tobacco use is prohibited from all athletic fields on the Richland campus.
  5. Richland College Police may issue citations for violations of smoking/tobacco use regulations promulgated by Richland College.
  6. The twelve month “year” regarding citations begins on August 1 and ends on July 31 of each calendar year.
  7. All paid citations will be purged from the system on August 1 of each year.
  8. The college citation fees are as follows: 1st citation - $5; 2nd citation - $15; 3rd citation - $20; 4th citation - $25; 5th citation and beyond - $30.
  9. Citation fees will progress through the fee schedule and include all other citations on file with the College Police department. A person may return to the lower fee structure on August 1 of each year if all previous fees for citations on file with the College Police department have been paid.
  10. After the second citation has been issued and remains unpaid, a block will be placed on a student's record. A Richland College/DCCCD faculty and staff member's supervisor will be notified of issued and unpaid citations.
  11. Appeals of College citations shall be in accordance with provisions of the DCCCD Board of Trustees Policy CHC (Local), Suspension Review. To appeal a College citation:
    1. Obtain a Notice of Appeal form from the College Police;
    2. Complete the form and state the reasons for such appeal; and
    3. Within ten (10) days after the date of the violation, submit the form to the Vice President for Student Development.
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