Photographic &Imaging Program

Course Offerings

COMM 1316 Introduction to Digital Photography [3 credit hours]
*Also offered as a Distance Learning Class
This course will introduce you to the concepts and practice of digital photography. Learn about hardware and software as it relates to the photographic medium, and explore new ways to create images and digital presentations.

COMM 1317 Advanced Digital Photography [3 credit hours]
If you are looking for greater depth in the digital photographic domain, this course will explore more refinement of digital camera utilization, scanning, and output concerns.

COMM 1318 or ARTS 2356 Photography I [3 credit hours]
Covers the fundamentals of the medium. You will experience a new way of seeing which will greatly improve the quality your pictures. You will learn about the creative choices you have when developing and printing your own pictures. And through a complete examination of camera equipment, operation, and supplies, you will achieve the confidence to use your equipment to your advantage.

COMM 1319 or ARTS 2357 Photography II [3 credit hours]
Reinforces the fundamentals learned in the fouindation class and emphasizes greater technical control and creativity. You will experience the excitement of photographing in the studio, the amazing effects of infrared photography, the use of toners for permanence and color change, advanced printing techniques, digital photography, and the fun of hand-coloring your own photographs.

COMM 2325 Introduction to Photoshop [3 credit hours]
This course will familiarize you with the amazing virtual reality of computerized image enhancement and manipulation. You will be provided with an in-depth, hands-on experience using the powerful industry standard software program, Adobe Photoshop. Topics include scanning images, combining photographs, retouching photographs, colorizing black and white photographs, and more.

COMM 2326 Advanced Photoshop [3 credit hours]
Continues the exploration to master more progressive creative possibilities with Adobe Photoshop. Topics include advanced compositing techniques, channel operations, third-party filters, advanced coloring, output options, and creating a personal style and digital imaging portfolio.

ARTS 2389 Academic Cooperative/Special Topics [3 credit hours]
Includes Independent Study and Photographic Lab classes that allow you the flexibility to concentrate on a specific area of photography or digital imaging. This course allows for individual projects which could include Portraiture, Figure Study, Landscape, Still-Life, Documentary Photography, Infrared Photography, Digital Imaging, Abstraction, Large Format Photography, Alternative Processes, and more.

ARTS 2311 Advanced Photography/Digital Imaging [3 credit hours]
This course is designed for specialized photographic workshops for you to experience. Possible semester class topics can include Studio Lighting, Alternative Processing, the photography Workshop in New Mexico, and more.

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