Fall Classes - 2014


RCHS Winter Term - Intro to New Media - IMED1191


Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging I - ARTC1302, ARTS2348

Design Communication I - ARTC1317

Computer Illustration - ARTC1353, ARTS2311, ARTS2313

Visual Design for New Media - ARTC1359



Basic Animation - ARTV1303

3-D Animation I - ARTV1341

Digital Video - ARTV1351, ARTS2311

Digital Sound - ARTV1343, MUSI1390, MUSI1391

3-D Modeling and Rendering I - ARTV1345
3-D Modeling and Rendering II - ARTV2345
Tech Illustration/Presentation - DFTG2312
(The three classes above are concurrent)

Introduction to Digital Media - IMED1301

Interactive Digital Media I - IMED1345, GAME1343, GAME1359

Interactive Digital Media II - IMED2345, GAME2341


Web Design

Web Design I - IMED1316

Internet Commerce - IMED2409

Beginning Web Programming - ITSE1311

IOS Programming - ITSE2310



Fall RCHS - Intro to Digital Media - IMED1291


Game Development

Interactive Storyboarding - GAME1302

Introduction to Game Design and Development - GAME1303

Level Design - GAME1304

Game/Simulation Programming I - GAME1343, GAME1359, IMED1345

Game/Simulation Programming II - GAME1359, GAME1343, IMED1345

Special Topics Amination/Graphics - GAME1394

Special Topics - Visual Effects with Maya & Unity - GAME1494

3-D Animation II Character Setup - GAME2325

Project Development I - GAME2332
Project Development II - GAME2334
Game Simulation Group Project - GAME2359
(The three classes above are concurrent)

Lighting, Shading & Texture - GAME2336

Game Scripting - GAME2341, IMED2345

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging Link



Web Design

web Design