DCCCD Money Card

Log-In Steps / Verify Your Mailing Address

DCCCD Money Card eConnect Log In Steps

  1. Log into eConnect.

  2. On the eConnect Main Menu Screen, select "Current Credit Student Menu".

  3. On the eConnect Current Credit Screen, scroll down to the Payment & Disbursement section and select "DCCCD Money Card Address Verification". Answer your challenge question, and your mailing address and other information will be displayed. Using the three options provided, confirm if the information shown is correct or not and follow the instructions given. If all of the information that appears is correct, proceed to Step 4. If any of the information shown is incorrect, please complete a change of address form at the Admissions Office.
    NOTE: If you do not remember the answer to your challenge question, please contact the Admissions or Business Office to have your eConnect account reset.

  4. Once the information is verified as correct, you will be prompted to create an activation word. A DCCCD Money Card will automatically be mailed to the address that you verified. The card should arrive within 5-7 business days. Follow the activation instructions provided in the envelope containing your card.
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