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Earl Eames Award

Earl Eames

The Earl Eames Award is a memorial to the late Earl W. Eames, Jr. the Award recognizes the chapter or division making the greatest progress in the use of electronic communication technology.

The criteria are:

  1. Resourcefulness in using media outreach to communicate to the American public the relevance of the UN to their lives.
  2. Development of creative and effective use of media.

Past recipients

2000 UNA-USA Town Hall, Northern and Southern California Divisions
2001 UNA Film Festival, Midpeninsula Chapter
2002 Frankfort’s Global Connections, William A. Miller and the Frankfort Chapter
2003 Pacific Island Network, Hawaii Division
2004 National Capital Area Division
2005 Greater Miami Chapter
2006 Westchester Chapter
2007 San Francisco Chapter

2008 Recipient

UNA USA Dallas Chapter in partnership with Richland College and Lecroy Center for Educational Telecommunication.

The Project

Going Global with the UN consists of 52 half-hour videos covering the work of the UN toward accomplishing the Millennium Development Goals and addressing issues of health and environment education, poverty and development, war and peace, and gender and aging. The United Nation Association of Dallas, through its outstanding partners, Richland College and the Lecroy Center for Educational Telecommunications, made the Going Global with the UN video available through Dallas broadcast television, streaming video online, and the Dallas County Community College District media center. Richland College, winner of the prestigious Malcolm Bald ridge National Quality Award, has also made Going Global with the UN available to its nearly 20,000 students.

Going Global With UN Videos

The Leaders

Beth Pirtle, former President of the Dallas Chapter, and Noeli Biggs, a Dallas Chapter Board Member and Program Service Coordinator at Richland College, worked with Pamela Quinn, President of the LeCroy center for Telecommunication, and Dr. Steve Mittelstet, President of Richland College, to make this project possible.

The Ceremony

During the UNA USA Annual Conference at John Hopkins University School of Advanced International Business in Washington DC The ambassador and UNA USA President William Luers presented to Noeli Biggs, Jeana Remington and Diana Bustillos the UNA Dallas Chapter, Richland College and Lecroy Center Certificates.

Earl Eames
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