Male Initiative Program

About the Program


The Male Initiative Program (MIP) is a Student Development and leadership program designed to positively impact Richland’s male student population and their academic endeavors.

This program will promote academic achievement and excellence for the culturally diverse, males at Richland College through the program’s features and collaborative events.

Program Features

  • Peer Networking --Academic &Brotherhood’ and support system
  • "Real Talk" Discussions – Lunch workshops focusing on "Real-Life" issues
  • Promote Completion -- Associate Degree and Professional Certifications
  • Academic Support – Emphasis on academic workshops, Support for Advisement, Degree Planning, college transfer information, and financial aid literacy
  • Student Leadership – Student Outreach and Leadership (Student Coordinators)
  • Goal Commitment -- Goal-Setting and Assessment
  • Mentorship -- Peer and Staff Mentoring
  • Workshops -- ’Academic Survival’ skills taught by Learning Center
  • Books Support--Semester Book Loan (Based on Eligibility)
  • Professional and Career Exploration – Collaborative efforts with Career Services, resume’ development, and exposure to professional and career opportunities
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