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Transferable Courses

The below courses will easily transfer to area 4-year universities such as SMU, UNT, TWU, and UTD, as well as other state public and private colleges and universities. Students who transfer from Richland do as well, or better, than those starting out at 4-year schools.

In addition, the courses will also transfer for the certificate programs and associates degree programs at state community colleges.

Support Courses For Medically-Related Programs

Students should consult with an advisor or reference a transfer guide to determine the transferability of these courses in their degree programs.

BIOL 1406/1407 General Biology (majors)
SCIT 1407/1408 Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL 2401/2402 Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL 2420 Microbiology (2 year certification programs and some nursing programs)
BIOL 2421 General Microbiology
BIOL 2428 Comparative Anatomy
BIOL 2416 Genetics
MATH 1314 College Algebra
MATH 1316 Plane Trigonometry
MATH 1414 College Algebra
MATH 2412 Precalculus
MATH 2513 Calculus I
MATH 2414 Calculus II
PHYS 1401/1402 General Physics (algebra-based)
PHYS 2425/2426 General Physics (calculus-based)
CHEM 1411/1412 General Chemistry
CHEM 2423/2425 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 1405 Introductory Chemistry
NUTR 1322  
Other courses which might be required

Full-Time Faculty

Biology Math
Dr. Ricardo Azpiroz Rashid Ahmed
Dr. Jennifer Baggett Dr. Pravena Dhayanithi
Mike Bell Celeste Hernandez
Dr. Leslie Benton Jada Hill
Jill Buettner Charles Kurtz
Dr. Ray Canham Ken Lott
Dr. Mrudula Ganga Sam Obeid
Dr. Ye Luo Gary Penner
Linda O'Connor Dr. Polly Schulle
Dr. Sara Perez-Ramos Raj Seekri
Jackie Reynolds Jimin Tian
Dr. Alcie Zhou  
Physics Chemistry
Heather Appleby Jo Blackburn
Dr. Zhujun Li Terah Coffman
Dr. Xiang-Ning Song Dr. Gene Garrett
Dr. Fred Wittel Dr. Sarav Perez-Ramos
  Dr. Dwight Randle
  Becki Williams
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