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What ESOL Students Should Know

1. Librarians can help you learn to use the library and help you with research.

2. Library offers Information Literacy classes to learn about the library, electronic research, and MLA format.

3. We have print sources and web sites to help with writing different types of essays and examples of the different types of essays.

4. We have print sources and web sites for help with outlining and organizing.

5. The librarians have compiled a bank of academic articles selected especially for ESOL students to use to get research information for their class writing assignments.

6. The library maintains reading lists of books just for ESOL students: academic skills, biographies, dictionaries, fiction. 

7. The library has many different picture dictionaries which show pictures and the words for them in English.

And don't forget these.

Some Things You Can Do

Find books
Find articles in databases
Use ASAP12 or ASAP5 to plan your research
Use NoodleTools for Works Cited
Look at a sample research paper
Review sample student essays (all types)
Research current /controversial issues
Consider topic ideas or think it through

Look for textbooks that we might have on reserve.
Get to know your building (including the downstairs).
Understand the Library of Congress Classification system.
Borrow books from other DCCCD campus libraries (ICL).
Use interlibrary loan (ILL) to borrow books from anywhere.
Get a TexShare card every semester.
Know the rules for using the library.
Email a librarian with a question.
Ask for a research consultation.
Find out when the next library class will be offered.
Check out our help sheets.
Learn to recognize different types of sources.
Make sure you can distinguish magazines & journals.
Understand primary and secondary sources.
Know that using databases isn't the same as using the internet.
Understand MLA, APA and use NoodleTools.

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