Videos & Other Teaching Media -

Media Services houses a large educational video collection to enhance and illustrate various subject areas. You can locate video and other non-print materials via the library catalog. The library catalog records include a great deal of information about the materials, including a summary of the content.

Students: You are always welcome to view videos and DVDs in the Media Lab. However, these items may not be checked-out without your teacher's approval. Although Media Services primarily supports faculty, we realize that students may wish to utilize campus resources for classroom presentations, etc. Your instructor (who should follow the same guidelines required for any other classroom media request) must make these arrangements. You can find more information on the Media Center web page.

Teachers: In most cases, we deliver videotapes to your classroom prior to your class time. Tapes are secured in the VCR lock box found in most classrooms. We retrieve these materials after your class. Keys to the VCR lock boxes are available for full time faculty in the Media center, B- 220, and for adjunct faculty, in the adjunct faculty office, E-055. You may also check out these videos for preview prior to classroom use.

Videos and other non-print materials are available for loan from other DCCCD campus media centers. In order to get these materials processed and delivered to Media Services for your use, these requests should be submitted no later than one week prior to your use date.

Media’s email address from within the DCCCD network is 8media. To email from outside the DCCCD network, use The phone numbers are 972- 238-6085 or 6086.