Research Paper Assistance

Research Paper Assistance refers to all the services performed by the reference librarians to assist students who need help with any phase of the research process. These services are offered through the classes taught in the Information Literacy Certificate Program (see above), as well as individually, through one-on-one work with students at the reference desk (see above).

Librarians assist students with topic selection, materials selection, materials evaluation, and MLA format. All library users are eligible for this type of assistance.

Students are encouraged to begin their research early and pace themselves using the step-by-step process outlined on the library handout titled "Use a Variety of Sources for Your Research Project" that is available beside the reference desk.

A Sample Research Paper with a works cited list is provided on the web for students to use as a model.

Students who wait until the last minute to begin a research paper will find that many of the prime materials on their topic have already been checked out. They will be creating unnecessary stress for themselves in trying to select, read and evaluate information that is available today from a multitude of sources if they do not allow for sufficient time to be selective and to employ critical thinking skills. To avoid this, the library provides A Student Assignment Planner for students. It will help a student keep the research paper process on track, with due dates for each phase of the process.

Also, students will find many tips for writing research papers in The Richland College Library Handbook on the Web.