Reserving Lab for Instruction

The library classroom/lab (L126) may be reserved by an instructor who is teaching a research-related class that requires the use of the computers for teaching how to use the subscription databases or other web based resources.

Students: When L126 is being used for class instruction, it is not available for walk-in computer work. Availability of the room is always posted on the white board just outside the door to L126. Students can use the Computer Lab in Del Rio (D257).

Teachers: If you want to teach a research-related class in the library classroom/lab, the room (L126) must be reserved in advance. Please contact a librarian at least two weeks in advance to make this sort of arrangement.

Note: On the day of the class, you will need to be logged off your computer in your office in order to log on to the teaching computer in the classroom. You may telephone the Reference Desk at 972-238-6082. If the librarian is busy, please leave a message with your name and number so that we can return your call. You can also leave a message for a reference librarian at the Circulation Desk phone at 972-238-6081. E-mail can also be sent to the reference librarians.