Interlibrary Loan - The Inter-Library Loan Department (ILL) has dual functions in that this department of a library both lends materials out to borrowing schools and institutions and borrows materials from participating schools and institutions. The ILL department of a library borrows materials (books, periodicals, audio-video, scores, etc.) from participating institutions and lends out its resources likewise to fellow participating universities and institutions.

By simply requesting an item in writing or by filling out an on-line form provided from a link on the introductory catalog screen, the ILL department will be notified that a request has been made. Providing that the material is not too new or has some other restriction, it will be sent to the requestor in about a week, depending on its availability.

This service is readily available for current students and faculty who have extensive or personal research and do not have the means to acquire materials that are otherwise unavailable.