Course Reserves - Print and Electronic

Print Books & Articles
Course reserve materials are placed at the Reserve Desk/Periodical Counter by teachers for students to request. A picture ID is required to check out the items. Students must request the items by the instructor’s last name or by the name of the class they are taking.

Electronic Books & Articles
Usually, Course Reserves are books or folders that are available for use in the library only. However, in this case, an electronic file is provided, and the library stores it on the server.

Students: Print reserve materials can be used only in the Library and may be checked out for only two hours. You may not take the library copy home. Please feel free to make photocopies of the reserve materials.

Students: Electronic reserves can be accessed from the library catalog. You have remote 24-hour access to these files that you can display for reading and/or printing.

Teachers: Print reserve materials will be made available 24 hours after the materials are brought into the library Monday-Friday. Materials brought into the library on Friday will be available for check out the following Monday after 12:00 p.m. This time allows the library staff to process the material (put labels on items, create course records, bibliographic records and enter them into the system). If you are bringing a handout, please bring more than one copy of it for your students to use.

Before the close of each semester, please be sure to pick up the reserve materials that you do not plan to use next semester. Reserve materials may be picked up at the Reserve Desk/Periodical Counter during library hours.

Teachers: Electronic reserves are arranged through Patricia Sandoval. She may be reached by phone at 972-238-3722.

Items that you place on electronic reserve are listed in the library catalog under your name and course number. When you provide us with an electronic file, we can store it on our server and link to it from the catalog.

Please remember that copyright restrictions prevent us from loading an article for more than one semester at a time.