Assignment Alert Carts

An "Assignment Alert" cart is a collection of library materials (both reference items and circulating items) that librarians and/or instructors have identified as being particularly useful for students completing a specific assignment. The carts are labeled and kept in the Reference area of the library. "Assignment Alert" carts facilitate the completion of the research assignment by the student.

"Assignment Alert" carts also insure that one or two students cannot check out all relevant material, leaving none for the rest of the class. Any instructor can request that we gather materials for a particular assignment. Individual librarians often decide that an "Assignment Alert" cart is needed when several students ask for help on the same topic.

Students: The books you need for an assignment will be on a cart, labeled for your teacher and your class.  Using the books from the cart will save you lots of time.

Let us know your class assignments ahead of time, and we will pull together a cart of books ready for your students to use in the reference area. You'll need to give us the start date and the end date for the assignment, along with a copy of the assignment that we will attach to the cart. Then, just let your students know that you have arranged for an "Assignment Alert" cart to be available for them in the library near the reference desk.

You can expedite the process by dropping off a copy of your research assignment in advance, e-mailing any of the reference librarians (or the LIBRARY HOTLINE), or telephoning the Reference Desk 972-238-6082. We want to help your students accomplish the instructional goals and objectives that you have set. By letting us know the types of assignments your students will be completing during the semester we will be better able to assist you and your students with their information needs. Please discuss your class needs with one of the Reference Librarians, 972 238-6082.