Richland College Library

Core Research Tutorials

1. The Library Catalog for finding books, videos, and more (2 min)

2. Academic Search Complete for finding database articles (2 min)

3. Google and Its Subsets  for finding high quality web pages (5 min)

4. NoodleTools  for formatting your annotated bibliographies (and much more)
(13 min) with audio
This will give you an overview of how to get into NoodleTools from the Richland Library site.
But even better would be to go to the NoodleTools Downloads and Tutorials page and
watch at least these 3 (much shorter) tutorials on Citing Sources.

* Quick Cite: Using Pre-formatted Citations (1:31 min w/o audio)
* WorldCat Integration: Importing Citations (1:22 min w/o audio)
* Formatting Guide (1:22 min w/o audio)

Also highly recommended:
* Dynamic Citation Forms (1:47 min w/o audio)

5. Annotated Bibliography for demonstrating your ability to critically
evaluate resources (6 min)

To access this page use this web address:
A downloadable, printable copy is available
as a Microsoft Word document.

Jan 2013
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