Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Contact Information
Lavaca Hall, Room L236
Coordinator: Kathy Yates
Phone: 972-238-6301

Learning Communities are programs in which a group or cohort of students enroll in two or more courses organized around a common theme, project, or objective. The purposes of Learning Communities are to:

  1. Create a more integrated experience between the courses for each student
  2. Provide greater coherence in each studentís college curriculum
  3. Increase collaboration among students and faculty in pursuit of learning

The combination of students from different backgrounds and faculty from different disciplines leads to greater understanding of the diversity of knowledge. Students will be more active participants in Learning Community classes with guidance from the faculty team.

Richland College offers currently two types of Learning Communities:

  1. COORDINATED STUDIES - The faculty in all courses n the Learning Community work together with all students enrolled in all the classes within the Learning Community focused on a common theme to learn more about the specific disciplines and how they relate to each other
  2. LINKED COMMUNITIES - The faculty in all the classes in the Linked Community work together to help students find commonalities between the disciplines. All students do not necessarily enroll in all the classes in the Linked Community
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