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Richland College, located in North Dallas right next to Garland and Richardson, offers the widest array of language courses in North Texas including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Richland’s large international student population lends to the unique language-learning environment fostered for many years by the award-winning school and its dedicated & passionate instructors.

Acquiring Portuguese language skills will allow students to speak the language of more than 200 million people who live in Portugal, Brazil (the largest economy in South America), and several African countries, that are former Portuguese colonies.

Portuegese Films List (available in Language Lab)


Faculty members have graduate degrees in the language they teach; many have been trained by the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in oral proficiency methods.

Portuguese Progam

As more people transact business with Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries, the Portuguese language is becoming one of the important languages of commerce for North Americans

You may be surprised to learn that Portuguese is one of the world's "top ten" languages. In those top ten, Spanish and English are the only other European Languages.

Portuguese is spoken in many parts of the world: Portugal, Brazil, India, Asia, Five African counties and North America.

Portuguese 1411 Beginning Portuguese (4 credits/hours)
The essential of grammar and easy idiomatic prose are studied. Emphasis is on pronunciation, comprehension, and oral expression. ( 3 lecture and 2 lab)

Portuguese 1412 Beginning Portuguese (4 credits/hours)
Prerequisite: Portuguese 1411or the equivalent or demonstrated competence approved by the instructor. This course is a continuation of Portuguese 1411. Emphasis is on idiomatic language and complicated syntax. (3 lecture and 2 Lab)

Portuguese 2311 Intermediate Portuguese (3 credit/hours)
Prerequisite: Portuguese 1412 or the equivalent or demonstrated competence approved by the instructor. Reading, composition, and intense oral practice are covered. Grammar is reviewed. (3 lecture)

Portuguese 2312 Intermediate Portuguese
Prerequisite: Portuguese 2311 or the equivalent or demonstrated competence approved by the instructor. Reading and composition are continued. Grammar is reviewed and expanded. (3 lecture)

The instructor is prepared to:

  • Explain the course objectives
  • Explain grammar and pronunciation
  • Provide individual help when needed
  • Provide handouts
  • Encourage participation
  • Discuss Brazilian Culture and History
  • Give information about Brazilian places in the USA and in Texas
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