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Richland College, located in North Dallas right next to Garland and Richardson, offers the widest array of language courses in North Texas including American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Farsi, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. Richland’s large international student population lends to the unique language-learning environment fostered for many years by the award-winning school and its dedicated & passionate instructors.

The Korean language is spoken by over 65 million people in the Korean Peninsula and surrounding islands. Classes are oriented to foreign language learners and to Heritage students and provide an opportunity to learn vocabulary and basic conversation.

Korean Films List (available in Language Lab)

Program Orientation

In order to respond to the diversity of our community and to affirm the importance of language and culture study, Richland College has added Korean to its growing list of languages offered through its World Languages, Cultures, and Communications division.

For students seeking an Associate degree, the Korean courses will count toward that degree. For students transferring to a university, the course will transfer for credit toward a bachelor's degree at such universities such as the University of Texas and Baylor University.

For students who do not seek academic credit for the Korean courses, we offer these courses through concurrent enrollment in the Continuing Education program.


  • Korean 1470 (1st year, 1st semester)
  • Korean 1471 (1st year, 2nd semester)
  • Korean 2370 (2nd year, 1st semester)
  • Korean 2371 (2nd year, 2nd semester)

Instructional Format

Students will develop practical communication skills as well as cross-cultural understanding. The learning environment will be interactive with guided dialogues, peer groups, and problem-solving tasks. Both oral and written skills will be emphasized. Authentic readings, role playing, and documents will be used to enhance the learning experience.


The instructors are native Korean speakers who have advanced degrees in language acquisition training and who have many years experience in the educational field.


As a language training center, Richland College offers several distinct advantages:

  • Student centered learning environment
  • Small classes to enable effective interaction
  • State of the art language lab
  • Free tutoring
  • Beautiful and professional campus
  • Experienced, qualified, caring instructors
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