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Richland College, located in North Dallas right next to Garland and Richardson, offers the widest array of language courses in North Texas including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Richland’s large international student population lends to the unique language-learning environment fostered for many years by the award-winning school and its dedicated & passionate instructors.

French Films List (available in Language Lab)


Faculty members have graduate degrees in the language they teach; many have been trained by the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in oral proficiency methods.

French Program

Richland College uses "French in Action," the most modern audio-visual program in America, throughout its entire program. Tapes are also available for viewing on campus in the Telecourse Center / Language Lab in B217/218.

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Beginning French

1st Semester (FREN 1411) requires Study Guide 1411-1412 + Workbook 1 + audiotapes

2nd Semester (FREN 1412) requires Study Guide 1411-1412 + Workbook 1 + audiotapes

This level quickly builds conversational skills in simple French. Emphasis is on speaking and comprehension with additional reading and writing. The working language in class is mainly French. These classes are concurrently offered for credit or Continuing Education.

Intermediate French

3rd Semester (FREN 2311) requires Study Guide 201-202 & Workbook 1 & audiotapes

4th Semester (FREN 2312) requires Study Guide 201-202 & Workbook 2 & audiotapes

This level strengthens the previous acquisitions and builds more elaborate vocabulary and idiomatic expressions for more comfortable communication. The working language is mainly French. These classes are offered for credit or Continuing Education.

Conversation French

5th Semester (FREN 2306) requires Study Guide 2306 + audiotapes

6th Semester (FREN 2306) requires Study Guide 2306 + audiotapes

Magazine articles and other written and video materials are provided by the instructor. This level offers general conversation on diverse topics based on French Culture. It offers comprehensive grammar review and more refined vocabulary and expressions. The working language is exclusively French.

These classes are concurrently offered for credit or Continuing Education Richland French Instructors

French Faculty are part of the World Languages, Cultures and Communication Division. Instructors at Richland are language professionals dedicated to helping students achieve success. Their motto is not to publish or perish but to teach and cherish, adding personal touch and attention.

Richland French Registration and Schedule

Registration can be for any semester if you are at the right level. For information or placement, please call the Language Lab 972-238-6909. Please register or ask for information well before the semester starts.

Please consult the Registration schedule for enrollment dates, times and rooms.

Credit by exam can be obtained following a level test and the payment of a $25 fee. You have to be currently enrolled at Richland for this procedure.

Richland French Study Tips

French is a living language. It lives in context. In class you will experience language immersion. The teaching process is a progressive and repetitive system to build the language along the way. It requires motivation, focus, regular attendance and active participation on the part of the learner. But learning French is also a game with its rules and the fun of doing something new, challenging, useful and so rewarding. It will open new doors to an influential modern society that combines the ancient and the new with elegance and quality of life.

Our language lab is a state-of-the-art system with tape decks, VCR, CD-ROMs and computer software. Drilling from audiotapes in the lab is part of the French language program.

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