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Richland College, located in North Dallas right next to Garland and Richardson, offers the widest array of language courses in North Texas including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Richland’s large international student population lends to the unique language-learning environment fostered for many years by the award-winning school and its dedicated & passionate instructors.

Instruction focuses on Mandarin Chinese language skills and the Chinese culture. Courses also address the special needs of Heritage students. Learning Chinese is very useful in a variety of professional and business fields.

Chinese Films List (available in Language Lab)


Faculty members have graduate degrees in the language they teach; many have been trained by the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in oral proficiency methods.

Chinese Program

One fourth of the world's population speaks Chinese. As one of the oldest languages in the world, the Chinese language preserves much poetry and philosophy. Learning the language helps open your eyes to another world. Although Chinese is a challenging language to learn, the Chinese program at Richland College offers you the opportunity to learn it while having fun. The aim is not only to teach you how to use another language, but also to help you understand another culture and build communication among people. So, let a gust of wind from the East refresh your life.


  • To quickly build communication skills needed in real life
  • To acquire confidence through oral practice
  • To read and write Chinese characters
  • To introduce Chinese culture


  • Chinese 1411 (1st year, 1st semester)
  • Chinese 1412 (1st year, 2nd semester)
  • Chinese 2311 (2nd year, 1st semester)
  • Chinese 2312 (2nd year, 2nd semester)

Courses are offered day and night for

  • Academic credit and transfer to universities
  • Continuing education for personal enrichment


The Chinese teachers at Richland are native Chinese speakers whose dedication and professionalism provide student-oriented instruction.


Richland College is proud to offer these advantages:

  • A beautiful and professional campus
  • A student-centered learning environment
  • Small classes for good language interaction
  • Modern and efficient teaching material
  • Computer-driven educational software
  • State-of-the-art Sony language lab
  • Free tutoring and remedial periods
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