What is KDUX TV?

KDUX-TV is a student-run television station, designated as a public forum, where students are encouraged to make content and programming decisions. It produces a variety of programming, ranging from news and sports to music and spotlights. KDUX-TV is located at Richland Community College.

Mission Statement

KDUX TV is dedicated to providing the students and organizations of Richland College with a forum to inform, educate, and entertain. This is accomplished through creating quality, student-produced, television programming while maintaining a learning environment for students interested in television, broadcasting, production, and/or management.

How do I get involved?

KDUX-TV has a number of different positions available for all levels of experience and interests. Students work with professional equipment under the guidance of the television advisor. Check out Join the Team for more information.

KDUX TV Goals and Objectives

  1. To establish vital connections among Richland Community College students, family, faculty, staff and alumni as well as college-age students and young adults throughout the Internet.
  2. To provide students with a forum to inform, educate and entertain.
  3. To teach the technical side of television news, production and management to students from all disciplines on the Richland Community College campus.
  4. To teach Richland Community College students how to design, develop and produce quality programming that truly communicates to an audience.
  5. To provide all Richland Community College students and groups with an opportunity to place their message in the television medium.
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