Faculty Fellows

In addition to teaching an Honors course, Richland's Faculty Fellows are involved in the Honors Academy community by attending events and sponsoring co-curricular and extra-curricular activities whenever possible.

The Faculty Fellows are:

Doctor Ricardo AzpirozDr. Ricardo Azpiroz, Biology
Phone: 972-238-6330
Office: SH284
About the Course: I have a PhD from UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, and I spent several years doing research in Cell and Molecular Biology. However, as a Biology major I have always been interested in evolution, species diversity and ecology. These are the themes that underlie the content in Honors Biology 1407. Our class will emphasize discussion and critical thinking rather than memorization of detail; the objective is to make the students' experience more closely resemble the active process of hypothesis testing, which is the way to "do" science and not just "learn" it.

Doctor Kacem AyachiDr. Kacem Ayachi, Government
Phone: 214-890-3840
Office: C286
About the Course: I hold a doctoral degree in Political Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. My area of expertise is Comparative Politics, which I think provides a necessary context for learning American Government in an increasingly global world. As we begin the new century, nations and governments have become more intertwined, the Government Honors course is an opportunity to discuss the American political system and its relevance to other governing systems. Students will participate in critical thinking and experiential activities that offer higher level of intellectual engagement such as film screening, attending exhibits and lectures, and developing material that brings an international perspective to class topics.

Miguel MarreroMiguel Marrero, English
Phone: 972-238-6997
Office: L248
About the Course: I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a focus on Philosophy and Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. I also have two master’s degrees, one in Spanish Speaking Caribbean literature from Universidad de Puerto Rico: Recinto de Rio Piedras and a Comparative Literature master’s degree in Caribbean and Latin American literature and film from Penn State University. I am currently finishing my doctoral dissertation in Latin American literature and film studies with a focus on history and Queer Studies. The main focus of my pedagogy is investigating community and how history, film, and literature often illustrates being fully human. That is the focus we will explore in my honors course, English 1302.

Doctor Ifeoluwa TogunDr. Ifeoluwa Togun, Psychology
Phone: 972-238-6140
Office: A110 (Access)
About the Course: Psychology is one of the most misunderstood fields of study. It is much more than the study of mental disorders. Psychology is happening all around you. It’s happening right now. You, reading this, is psychology; the decision to wear what you are wearing as you read this is psychology; everything you’ll do once you’re done reading this, from the mundane to the complex, is psychology. Everything is psychology. The goal, then, of this Honors Psychology class is to introduce you psychology’s vast universe, starting with an exploration of the small (how a brain cell works) to the grand (what would happen to the human mind during a three month voyage to Mars). The beauty of an honors class is that it is smaller and more flexible. We’ll watch films (documentaries and otherwise), have guest lecturers present past and current research, but above all, our main exploratory tool will be in-depth conversations in which we’ll share our knowledge (and you know a lot more than you think) and experiences in order to gain a fuller, more complete understanding of psychological principles. Won’t you join us?

Dr. Kendra Unruh, English
Phone: 972-761-6777
Office: C285
About the Course: In August 2012, I earned my PhD from Purdue University in American studies with a graduate certificate in women’s studies. My research focuses on the Lindy Hop and how different groups of people experienced the dance based on their race, class, gender, and/or nationality. In addition scholarly interest in the Lindy Hop, I am an avid swing dancer. In English 1302-Honors, we will be tackling common myths of America, especially myths that exist because of our ideas about race, class, and gender. To better understand the world we live in, we must research the truth behind these myths and challenge our own preconceived notions of America.

If you are a current Richland professor interested in becoming a Faculty Fellow:

  • Any interested faculty should submit a brief proposal outlining how your Honors course would achieve the Honors Student Learning Outcomes and register for an Honors Faculty Fellow training workshop to be completed prior to the semester in which you hope to teach Honors.
  • Proposals may be submitted for a course already offered as Honors in anticipation of teaching it when the current Fellow's term ends or in case additional Honors sections are needed in an upcoming semester.
  • Contact Dr. Jennifer Baggett for more information and a copy of the proposal template.

Proposal deadline for selection of Honors Faculty Fellows for the Fall 2014 semester is February 14, 2014.

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