Health Information Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 most-frequently asked questions about Health Information Technology:

1. How much are the classes and how are they delivered?
Classes range from $145-$200 depending on the number of Continuing Education Units (CEU's). All classes are delivered through our online learning system.

2. Can I do more than one role?
At this time, students may select only one role and submit the appropriate application information. However, students may enroll and complete the other courses to gain information for the second role.

3. Is there a certification test?
The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has developed a competency exam based on course material. Information regarding the exam may be found at HIT Pro Exams.
4. How much are textbooks?
All of the classes are delivered online. There are no textbook expenses. 

5. Can I receive Financial Aid?
Please complete the financial aid process at the campus for which you are applying. Students must meet the financial needs criteria in order to be eligible for Texas Public Education Grants.

6. Will I receive a certificate of completion?
Each student will receive a certification of completion for each class, and a program or “block” certificate upon completing the entire training role.

7. Can I waive any classes?
Students will need to register for each class; however, they may take the pre-assessment test within 24 hours of the first class day and test out of the class. We recommend that students with knowledge in the course area still review the information in order to be fully prepared for the competency exam.

8. When do classes start?
The cohort of classes begins at the start of each semester in September, January, and June.

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