Health Services

Health Services

Ebola Information for Dallas
The Richland College Health Center has been made aware of the recent reported case of the Ebola virus in Dallas. Numerous reports from The Texas Department of State Health and Services and the Dallas County Health and Human Services regarding the Ebola virus have been received and reviewed by the Health Center.

A meeting of the DCCCD Health Council is scheduled for Friday, October 3, 2014, to review and to discuss the CDC's (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) preparedness checklists for healthcare providers which includes reviewing the symptoms and protocols related to the Ebola virus.

The Texas Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas has prepared "Facts about the Ebola Virus"; please review the information on this FAQ sheet.
Any updates on the Ebola virus will be monitored by the Health Center and reported accordingly.

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The Health Center is a multi-purpose facility that promotes health, wellness and preventive care for the college community. Registered nurses coordinate and provide the health services.


Students do not need to be sick to come to the Health Center. Health questions and concerns are welcome. Students with chronic health problems should visit the Health Center to discuss any special concerns with the nurse before attending classes or whenever problems arise. No information about your health will be released without your written permission unless it is required by law.

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