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GREENRichland / Energy Team Membership - August 2010

Education and Curriculum Team
Leaders Members
Cassandra Dillon, Environmental Systems Technology Faculty Amy Bell, History Faculty
Noeli Biggs, TRiO Student Support Service Director
Anitra Cotton, Green Living Tips
Cheryl King, English Adjunct Faculty
Bushra Dweik, Engineering Faculty
Diana Kropf-Gomez, Ecology Adjunct Faculty
Carole Lester
Liesl McQuillan, Philosophy Adjunct Faculty
Heather Young, Continuing Education
Danielle Hickerson, ESOL Instructor
Melinda Weaver, Continuing Education Dean
Susan Wehe
Engagement and Outreach Team
Leaders Members
Bonnie Hueston, Educational Transitions Dean
Carole Lester
Lennijo Henderson, Library Services Dean
Warren Osby, Director of Career Services
Whitney Rosenbalm, College Communications and Marketing Director
Jay Wooldridge, Office of Student Life
Energy Team: Facilities and Operations
Leaders Members
Jerry Owens, Facilities Assistant Director
Lisa Eades, Building Services Supervisor
Eugene Fernandez, LeCroy Facilities Services Director
Ron Foster, Facilities Services Coordinator
Mark Lozano, College Police Sergeant
Carla Madison, Human Resources Assistant
Sonny McDonald, Grounds Supervisor
Greg Thomas, IT Support Dean
LeeAnne Scott, Facilities Services Assistant
Finney Varghese, Financial Services Associate Vice President
Donna Walker, Enrollment Management Associate Vice President
Bethany Wright, Rooms Coordinator
Planning and Coordination Team
Leaders Members
David Canine
Ron Clark, Business Services Vice President
Janet James, Executive Assistant to the President
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