Vision, Mission and Priorities


GREENRichland envisions a college community for which environmental sustainability is a way of life for staff and students, a benchmark for decision makers, an emphasis for educational programs, and a catalyst for collaborative global partnerships.


GREENRichland leads and learns with students, colleagues, and global partners in developing practices, policies, programs and partnerships that promote a robust natural environment and an abundant quality of life for future generations.

Working Priorities

GREENRichland is a group of Richlanders who believe in shared responsibility for the natural environment and in the potential for a community college to make that responsibility real, accessible, and rewarding. Drawing on these beliefs and the renowned Thunderduck spirit, GREENRichland partners with all Richlanders to develop and implement an action plan for moving the college onto a path of environmental sustainability and for inviting others onto that path. Suggested priorities are to:

  • Develop a long-term, integrative plan that defines the meaning, practice, and goals of environmental sustainability at Richland
  • Draw on the energy of students and staff, along with the experience of other institutions, in infusing sustainable practices throughout the college
  • Institute a framework for collegewide planning and decision making that combines environmental sustainability with fiscal responsibility and financial productivity
  • Integrate sustainability initiatives with the college's quality improvement system, including development of appropriate indicators and measures
  • Develop sustainability-oriented instructional programs and promote the broad inclusion of sustainability in existing programs
  • Create partnerships that model sustainability and embed it in the communities we connect with and serve
  • Promote Richland 's development as a center for learning, dialogue, and collaborative action regarding sustainable practices
  • Cultivate internal and external resources to inform and support these priorities
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