National Teach-In on Global Warming

Faculty, Students, Staff, and Community:

Richland College participated in the National Teach-In on Global Warming on February 4 and 5. If you weren't able to join us in person, GREENRichland invites you to view the Teach-In webcast here and to view the presentation program, complete with links to videos and websites, here.

Global Warming Basics

Size Of A Ton Of CO2

Size of a ton of CO2

From PBS: Nova and Frontline videos

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Summary of 2007 Report

Global Warming 101

U.S. Geological Survey Report on Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels

U.K Hadley Centre: What Climate Scientists Can Tell Us

Pew Center: Climate Change Policy and Science

MIT: Climate Change Q&A

U.K Hadley Centre: Climate Projections

EPA’s Climate Change Website

Google Earth and Climate Change KMLs

National Geographic’s Global Warming Site (includes quiz)

U.K. Hadley Centre: History of Climate Change Science

National Geographic: World Map of Global Warming Effects

Pew Center: Regional Impacts of Climate Change

Impacts on People

The Human Face of Climate Change (video)

EarthJustice: Impacts of Global Warming

International Institute for Sustainable Development

A Bangladeshi Perspective (video)

African and the Rainforest (videos)

Environment and Social Responsibility (videos)

Earth as a Village of 100 People (video)

Interfaith March for Climate Rescue (video)

Amory Lovins: Oil, War, Climate Change, and the Way Out (video)

Interfaith Power and Light: The Regeneration Project

WiserEarth: Community Tools for Creating a Just and Sustainable World

Amory Lovins: Imagine a World (video)

Strategies, Policies, and Politics

U.N. Climate Negotiations: Core Issues

Pew Center: A Guide to U.N. Climate Negotiations

Pew Center: Towards an Integrated Multi-Track Climate Framework

A Greener Future? (videos)

ClimateProgress: Core Climate Solutions

Encyclopedia of the Earth: Climate Change Collection of Articles

Thomas Friedman: Hot, Flat, and Crowded (video)

President-elect Obama: A New Chapter on Climate Change (video)

Time Magazine: Green is the New Red, White, and Blue

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy: Federal and State Energy Policy Information

Time Magazine: How to Win the War on Global Warming

National Conference of State Legislatures: Climate Change

Green Dallas

Energy and Economics

Climate Change Economics

Stern Review: Economics of Climate Change

Cost of Carbon Trading (video)

Al Gore on Green Energy (video)

Amory Lovins: Creating a Cleaner, Safer Energy Future (video)

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Steven Chu (U.S. Secretary of Energy designate) on A New Energy Program

Energy Videos from BigPicture.TV

Renewable Energy Policy Project

McKinsey Global Institute Report for Business Executives: Addressing Consumer Concerns about Climate Change

How It All Ends (video)

Consumer Responsibilities and Choices

The Story of Stuff (video and resources)

EPA’s Carbon Footprint Calculator

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy: Consumer Resources

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy: Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change

Higher Education Institutions and Students

American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology Program

Energy Action Coalition


Powershifting Passion (video)

Sustainability Around the DCCCD

World Wildlife Federation’s Climate Curriculum

Youth Climate Change Project (video)

Building a Youth Climate Movement (videos)


Games and Other Videos

CO2FX Game

“Wedges” Climate Game

Daily Greens (videos)

Climate Cartoons

How Did Global Warming Become a Cool Issue and a Hot Cause? (video)

WorldChanging: Global Warming Animated (videos)

Global Warming Denial Videos

How the Media Portrays Climate Change (video)

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