G.E.D. Transition Program

G.E.D. Transition Program

Take that next step now that you have your G.E.D.

Enroll now in our GED Transition Program at Richland College!

This is an Intensive College Readiness Program

The GED Transition Program is a 6-week college prep program for students who have their GED or high school diploma and want to enroll in college. The program covers reading, writing, math and student success. You must be 17 years of age or older and have your GED or high school diploma to enroll in this program at Richland College.

For qualified applicants, the G.E.D. Transition Program covers the total cost of the 6-week program plus books & tutoring.

For those who successfully complete the G.E.D. Transition Program, there is a stipend that assists with tuition and books to help you on your way to meet your objectives.

*If you are interested in obtaining a G.E.D., please see our G.E.D. Program page.

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